About Us

Who we are and how it all started…



Catwalkers is all about making fashion and trends accessible to any woman, not just for celebrities. Our philosophy is to empower women to feel and look good without spending a fortune. From a style perspective, we love mixing high street brands with vintage unique pearls, new talent designer touch and, for those of you who cannot live without, luxury hint. At Catwalkers we value time, your time! London is so rich in events, museums, architecture, theatres and we don’t want you to miss out shopping. At the same time though London’s offer is so wide that can often leave visitors overwhelmed and even worse, lost! That’s what Catwalkers is! A guide, who is also a personal shopper, to go shopping with! A relaxed walk that will satisfy both serious shoppers and casual browsers with  no wasted-time queuing at fitting rooms, no wasted time exchanging sizes, getting to know more the brand you find and your purchases can be delivered directly to your accommodations so your free to go dining with your friends hands-free!